Elite Master Program Human Biology

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Transferable Skills

Time Management - A mindful approach

This seminar with Mr. Gene Goff will take a mindful approach to facilitate a fundamental mindset change. You will gain a holistic perspective on the guiding principles of effective Time Management.
Mindfulness is awareness that arises through paying attention, what is going on inside yourself in the very moment.
Benefits after this course:

• Better self-understanding
• Increased happiness
• More success

A theoretical and practical foundation is established for managing your time in all circumstances of live. You will learn and exercise practical and proven methodologies to get more done in less time:

• Overcome hindering behavior and develop beneficial habits
• Stay focused, broaden your attention span and take conscious decisions
• Establish your own set of habits, strategies and methodologies

The seminar will be delivered in an interactive and entertaining format to a group 12 to 15 students. Four sequenced modules, each 90 minutes, will ensure a step-by-step learning curve.

Self-Development, Self-Organization and Leadership

In this course with Dr. Julia Bayer you will be living and experiencing self-organization and leadership. Core of the program is a co-created, self-organized, peer-teaching excursion and workshop weekend. You will experience teamwork, communication skills, stress management, leadership styles and self-reflection and dive into your personal development with an awareness for your strengths and weaknesses and your potential for further growth.

Benefits after this course

• You have experienced different leadership styles and the magic of lead and follow
• You have explored your own leadership qualities
• You know tools of self-organization and stress management
• You have received and given constructive feedback
• You know about your strengths and weaknesses and your potential for growth
• You have embarked on your personal journey of self-development

Participants Feedback

"This was a totally freaking awesome soft-skills course that I'll definitely continue throughout my life!"
"I learnt a lot about myself and my personality."
"I think this kind of workshop is crucial for correct personal development and preparation for our future careers."
"I learnt that I have qualities that I didn't know before."
"I am grateful for how you conducted this weekend so that we could all learn important topics in leadership and self-management, while also integrating all of our ideas so that we could take away very personal lessons."
"I really loved the course. It was self-enlightening!"