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Student Testimonials


The state-of-the-art education at LMU Munich provided me with excellent theoretical and practical training. The well-designed program offers various classes and laboratory rotations that helped me discover the fields I am interested in and deepen my knowledge. Studying in the center of cutting-edge research, at the HighTechCampus Martinsried of the LMU Munich, I had the great opportunity to attend different talks. This is such an amazing convenience for broadening perspectives, learning, and networking. Being part of the Elite Network, the Human Biology program also offers soft skills courses, workshops, and mentoring, which I found very valuable for both work and life success. I always feel supported by my professors, mentors, coordination office, and colleagues. I am glad that I had the chance to study at LMU Munich. This wouldn’t be possible without DAAD, and I appreciate their support.

Zeynep Koçberber, Turkey, student

After finishing my bachelor’s degree, I realized that I wanted both to broaden my knowledge in the field of human biology and to encounter new cultures. I knew that in Germany, especially in Munich, I would fulfil these wishes, since its high life quality and its possession of world-renowned universities and research centres attracts people from all the world as well! During my search for German master’s programs, this program stood out because of its wide range of majors and its versatility, as well as it is collaborations with various institutions. By participating in this multidisciplinary program, I had the opportunity to meet people from different cultures as well as learning about fields that were not covered in my bachelor program and practice in person state-of-the-art techniques and methods. Through my two internships, I could experience the daily life of a scientist, its challenges, but also its intriguing parts. Thanks to the above, I managed to find my research area of interest! Finally, through this competitive program I met my lovely co-students, all of them highly skilled, knowledgeable and deriving from around 13 different countries! Everyone’s intention to share their experience and ideas made me feel like I belong in a collectively evolving group rather than in a competitive environment. In addition, I have never believed I could undergo a cultural shock only by discussing about different cultures and people’s experiences! Unfortunately, we missed many opportunities due to the pandemic, mostly in the practical experience, which has been replaced by online teaching, but more importantly in the personal meetings and socialization, both on a personal and an academic level. However, considering my overall experience, I am sure that I will leave this program with a more fruitful mind, strong skills, and many opportunities waiting for me, both for my career and for my life in general.

Sofia-Natsouko, Greek-Germany, Alumni



Being a student at the LMU Munich allows you to develop not only as a young professional, but also as a mature person. Despite the circumstances that have striked the country and the current regulations, the Human Biology program has made a great effort to continue to help us improve our skills and succeed on our future goals. I have always felt surrounded by support in moments when the people have struggled to continue their studies and, for that, I will always be in debt with both the LMU and the DAAD.

Pablo, Spain, Alumni

Doing my masters at LMU has deepened my understanding of the molecular mechanisms behind human diseases, as well as given me the opportunity to expand my network, not only through the uni's partners, but also through the Elite Network of Bavaria. What I like most is the flexibility of choice, which allowed me to specialise in subjects I was most interested in. Moreover, not many masters (or universities!) offer the opportunity to strengthen and work on the often-underestimated soft skills. The master's program of "Human Biology - Principles of Health and Disease" is one of them, allowing you to grow as a scientist, but also as a person. If you are passionate about molecular pathology and immunology I recommend this masters 100%.

Laura, Irland, student

LMU has offered me with an excellent education and a strong network. I have met many inspiring scientists who support students in the early stages of their academic career. The campus provides an idyllic and beautiful environment which enables both high levels of productivity and well-earned rests.

Clemens, Austria, Alumni



As an international student, the best part of the MHB program at LMU is the opportunity to gain cutting-edge research skills and obtain genuine practical knowledge by exploring various facets of the curriculum.
During the lectures, I feel like I am sitting in a classroom holding a research paper, and in front of me is the author of that paper to whom I can ask questions to understand the subtle nuances of the topics. The most exciting part of each seminar was the question-and-answer sessions, where I had the opportunity to share and evolve ideas with my professors and cohorts. Besides, the interdisciplinary courses enabled me to pursue my professional goals, whereas the soft skill courses helped me to achieve my personal goals. For career-related and scientific advice, the MHB mentoring program offered me not only to have suggestions from experts in my research field of interest but also to share my experiences with my juniors.
Additionally, living in a beautiful and historical place like Munich, exploring the city with my amazing peers, and getting to know the culture are my once-in-a-lifetime experiences.
For this incredible experience, I am grateful to the SIST LMU Study Scholarship program, both LMU Biology and Medical faculty, the Elite Network of Bavaria, and all of the research institutes associated with this program.

Mahadia, Bangladesh, Alumni

I chose the master's program of "Human Biology - Principles of Health and Disease" at the LMU because it was one of the very few programs that gave me the opportunity to gain specialized knowledge while having the freedom to choose from a wide range of interdisciplinary courses. This not only allowed me to meet excellent professors and to build a diverse, international network in the scientific community but also broadened my understanding of how inter-related science is with other disciplines. The colloquia hosted at LMU also invite a lot of guest speakers from different countries, further exposing us to research from all over the world and encouraging us to think outside the box.
Another point where LMU stands out is that besides teaching us scientific know-how, there is also a focus on soft skills, like time management or teamwork, which extend beyond the use in university. Because of that, being part of the MHB program has definitely helped me to grow as a person and a future scientist.

Marlena, Germany, student

LMU has provided me with a world-class education and the opportunity to be a part of cutting-edge research. Thanks to the well-designed curriculum and excellent mentoring program, I was able to deepen my biomedical knowledge, obtain extra training in data analysis, and enhance my soft skills. Munich is an exciting city to live in, with lots of networking opportunities, amazing parks, and just a stone’s throw away from the breath-taking hikes in the Bavarian Alps!

Tijana, Serbia, student



When I decided to pursue a scientific career, I started looking for an M.Sc. program that would allow me to expand my theoretical knowledge in biomedical sciences but at the same time give me an opportunity to experience top-notch research and improve my wet lab skills. Now, as a student in the second semester of the “Human Biology”, I am able to say that my expectations were exceeded with this fantastic M.Sc. program. The quality of education at LMU, one of the highest-ranked European universities, is remarkable and courses offered within the master’s program in “Human Biology” are no exception to this. Furthermore, the large (and still growing) scientific community in Munich offers many opportunities for research and networking, which is of great importance for everyone who works in a multidisciplinary field such as biomedicine. Finally, a great coordination team and mentorship program provide students with support and guidance throughout their studies.

Nemanja, Serbia, student

The vast range of biological subjects you can choose from at the LMU is amazing. The research courses enable you to get your foot in the door of your favourite field or experience new directions you hadn't thought about before and learn new methods. As a scientist not only lab work is important but also knowing which model organism, microscope or program to use. This is something you will learn in your first semester together with your peers.
Not only science, but also social structures are unique as the mentor program helps you to get an insight from passed students. The professor mentorship program is also very helpful career wise. This helps to decide a future path or keep you on the track of your already envisioned career.
Not only do you gain knowledge, but also acquire skills which are essential as a scientist. A variety of seminars help you on how to e.g. create a scientific poster, manage your time or give a scientific talk.
Of course the HighTechCampus of the LMU Munich at Martinsried has a lot more to offer than work and studying. There are beautiful surroundings, where you can meet your peers and friends, where you can relax from your student obligations.

Veronika, Germany, student