Elite Master Program Human Biology

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Elite Master Program
Human Biology - Principles of Health and Disease

Supported by the Elite Network of Bavaria, the outstanding Faculties of Biology and Medicine at LMU offer a first-rate program leading to a Master of Science in “Human Biology”. The Elite Master of Science is an interdisciplinary, research- and competency-oriented program that provides a deep understanding of how health and disease work.

Based on the social challenges in biomedical science today, such as widespread diseases, the increasing importance of precision medicine, the ageing population and the processing of big data, there is a growing demand for highly-skilled, qualified young scientists. The program will fulfil this demand by educating distinguished students at the intersection of biology and medicine in a first-rate area of biomedical science. Up to 30 highly motivated and engaged students will be educated and supported to become outstanding researchers by exceptional, experienced and internationally acclaimed professors.

The program focuses on five main topics: “Cell Biology, Stem Cells and Epigenetics”, “Molecular Microbiology and Infection Biology”, “Molecular Oncology”, “Neurosciences” and “Cardiovascular and Lung Research”.
Our aim is to offer our students comprehensive preparation for meeting future challenges in a science-related professional careers within the field of biomedicine.

We look forward to welcoming you!


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