Elite Master Program Human Biology

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Master’s eligibility requirements: Thesis (equivalent)

To be eligible for the master’s program, your bachelor’s curriculum must include a final research project with a written thesis credited with at least 10 ECTS credits (1 ECTS credit corresponds to 30 working hours). If your bachelor’s program does not require a thesis, you are still eligible to apply if you have completed or will complete an equivalent research course or internship.

A course or an internship will be considered as equivalent, if it concerns a long-term research project (of at least 8 weeks) combined with a written report according to good scientific writing standards. However, for instance working in a pharmacy or as medical employee, doing medical rotations or an administrative internship do not count as a bachelor’s thesis (equivalent). Rather, we are looking for students that have some experience working independently in research.

In case you have done a thesis, you can upload your bachelor’s transcript of records in which you clearly mark your final thesis project. Please also make sure that you add an official explanation of the credit system of your university (which is usually included in the transcript), so that the selection committee can establish whether you spent (at least) the required 300 hours on the project.

In case you have done or will still do a thesis equivalent, you will have to upload an official document that includes the project details, i.e. at least the title or topic of your research project, the period in which the course or internship took or will take place, and the number of hours that you worked or will work on the project. The document needs to be signed by your supervisor.

Whether you have done a thesis or thesis equivalent, you do NOT need to submit the actual scientific report. Please keep in mind that the key is to make it clear to the selection committee that you are eligible for the master’s program by showing that you meet the eligibility requirements or will meet them before the start of the program (e.g. not just by stating that you did or will do a project that could count as a final research project, but by submitting official proof that shows you did or will)!