Elite Master Program Human Biology

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Travel Funds & Reimbursement

Travel Funds and funds for courses:

Funding for conference participation, workshops and visits of collaboration partners.

How to apply:

4 weeks before the event will take place write a 1-2 pages proposal including the following information:

  • Intention of your travel (conference, workshop, lab exchange)
  • Benefit for your research, relation to the scientific topic of your study program
  • In case of conference participation: abstract of poster or talk, confirmation of registration (not mandatory)
  • Requested funding in detail (costs for flight/train, accommodation, registration fee etc.)
  • CV
  • Confirmation of a MHB-Member that this project is necessary to achieve specific skills needed for the study program (internship, master thesis) or that the project makes sense based on the main topics.
  • Submit your proposal to the examination office at least 4 weeks before the course/project/etc. will start.

Evaluation will be done by the examination board


Different costs

Reimbursement of costs you have payed after confirmation through the coordination or the examination board.
Please fill out following document and submit it at the coordination’s office.

German courses

Rules for the German language courses funded by the Elite Network of Bavaria:

  • Language Courses are funded for up to a total amount of 800 € per student.
  • A1 courses according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages are excluded from funding by the Elite Network
  • Online courses above A1 level can also be used.
  • Examinations and / or certificates fees are non-refundable.
  • Language courses must be completed before the last semester starts.
  • Funding for A1 courses and courses within your last semester at the IUCM Language School is available by the Faculty of Biology. This is only possible if you inform the coordination’s office via e-mail immediately upon booking the course, and mentioning which language level you will attend.

Please note there are two documents you have to submit, one upon booking the course and one after completion. Please fill out the following document and submit it to the coordination’s office, upon booking the course. Reimbursement is only possible if you submit your certificate to the coordination's office, as a proof that you have finished the course successfully. For that please submit the document "for reimbursement for different costs" together with all necessary documents to the coordination's office.

Please note, that only B1 courses can be counted for the curriculum as Transferable Skill courses. The maximum number of ECTS credits that can be counted for a German course is 3.