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40th Anniversary Lecture Series "Horizons 20XX"

"The immune system of bacteria: Beyond CRISPR" on Monday, March 18 at 13:00

18.03.2024 at 13:00 

Dear doctoral students,

It is my pleasure to invite you to another highlight of our 40th Anniversary Lecture Series at the Gene Center, entitled "Horizons 20XX". As part of this series, we have the pleasure of hosting a number of eminent scientists who are at the forefront of their respective fields, sharing insights into their latest research and offering a glimpse into the exciting future of their disciplines.

Our upcoming lecture features Rotem Sorek of the Weizmann Institute of Science, a pioneer in the study of microbial genomics. Rotem's groundbreaking research has transformed our understanding of bacterial defense mechanisms, revealing a complex array of systems beyond the CRISPR-Cas paradigm. Across thousands of bacterial genomes, his team has uncovered numerous defense strategies that not only protect bacteria from phages, but also share evolutionary roots with the human immune system. This fascinating intersection of microbial defense and human immunity has profound implications for biomedicine and beyond.

We cordially invite you to attend Rotem's lecture, "The immune system of bacteria: Beyond CRISPR" on Monday, March 18 at 13:00 in the Feodor Lynen Lecture Hall. I look forward to seeing you at this talk.

Best regards,

Veit Hornung