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Stress Management Workshop for Biology Students

The faculty of Biology offers an online workshop on stress managemet.

14.06.2021 – 16.06.2021

What: Online workshop on stress management

Do you want to learn different ways to reduce your stress levels? There are many things that might be stressful in Corono time: a new culture, fewer social contacts, less possibilities to enjoy Munich city life, less opportunities to do sports or recreational activities. This can lead to procrastination and difficulties to reach study goals, negative thoughts and emotions, disturbed sleep, and an overall low energy level.

Good news! There are many factors you can work on to improve your well-being.

In this interactive online workshop with lots of exercises and break out rooms you can get to know other students and you will learn stress management strategies that you can easily implement into your everyday life. After the first module, you also have the possibility to get connected to another participant of the workshop to do something nice together in Munich (1:1 Matching).

When: June 14th + 16th, 13:00-15:00

Module 1: June 14, 13:00-15:00
• Strategies to deal with culture shock
• Strategies to deal with difficult emotions
• Strategies to relieve stress with mindfulness
• Cool things to do in Munich even during Lockdown

Optional task until next module: 1:1 Matching of participants with the goal to do a positive activity in Munich together

Module 2: June 16, 13:00-15:00
• Strategies to effectively reach your study goals with the SMART- technique
• Strategies not to procrastinate
• Strategies for healthy sleep
• Strategies to activate your social network

Students will get a detailed Workbook-Handout called “Corona Survival Guide” after the workshop.

Where: Online workshop via Zoom

Who: All master´s students of the faculty of Biology are welcome to register!

Trainers: Sophie Appl (LMU Intercultural Counseling Service) and Vasudha Ribeiro-Cardoso (Professional external trainer)

Registration: By email with Philomena Bodensteiner (lehre@bio.lmu.de)
(please provide the following information: Last name, first name, matriculation number, program, semester, home country)

Deadline for registration: June 10, 2021